Quantitative Immunology Research Unit

Interdisciplinary research unit for understanding the immune system as a whole.

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Our mission.

Osaka University Immunology Frontier Research Center (IFReC) is promoting fusion research in the field of immunology, between newly developing methodologies like bioimaging, bioinformatics and systems biology, and the more traditional approaches like genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology. However, in general, different disciplines have different scientific interests. Thus, establishment of novel interdisciplinary fields by fusing immunology with these newly developing fields is not an easy task. The principle investigators of laboratories in IFReC are world-leading researchers who have already achieved great accomplishments in their original fields. However, on this very account, it might be difficult for them to focus their attention on creating new interdisciplinary fields. The mission of this research unit is challenging such an interdisciplinary theme with the full potential of young researchers free from such restraints. In this research unit, a team will be formed by researchers with background of experimental science or mathematical science. The unit’s aim is to open up a new interdisciplinary field of immunology, covering both theoretical and experimental fields.